Custom Embroidered Memory Books in Maumee, OH

The Perfect Needle wants to create the perfect product for you or your loved one. Owner Mary Lynn Hall is committed to delivering customized items at affordable rates, so you, your friends and your family can enjoy unique, hand-crafted gifts.

From custom photo albums in Maumee, OH to personalized ornaments, The Perfect Needle offers a great variety of beautiful products. Applying more than two decades of experience, Mary offers the following customizable items:

Baby Photo Albums in Maumee, OH

  • For a boy or a girl
  • Covered with quality fleece and/or a pattern
  • PVC protected sheets for inserting photos
  • Can hold up to 100 or 200 photos
  • Can be tied shut by a unique ribbon
  • Varies in sizes
  • Embellishments can be added

Special Delivery Book — A Baby Memory Scrapbook in Maumee, OH

Gives your child insight into your thoughts and feelings during their early years, with pages covering a variety of special events from holidays, birthdays and first experiences.

  • 8.5×11 inch book
  • Full-color
  • Room to write comments
  • Able to add pictures that are printed on Post-It picture paper (pages designed for every possible first that a child has)
  • Memories include but are not limited to: Special Delivery… The Arrival, The Baby Shower, Welcome Home, Hand and Foot Prints, My Parents, Family Tree, Immunizations, Height and Weight Chart, Dental Records, Your First Bath, First Hair Cut, First New Year, First Easter, First Halloween, First Thanksgiving, First Christmas, First Vacation, First Birthday, Other Birthdays, First Preschool, First Grade, Special Events, and more.

Wedding Albums in Maumee, OH

  • These custom wedding photo albums in Maumee, OH are sturdy with quality materials that become a lifetime keepsake of your special day.
  • Can be tailored to the colors of your wedding or other materials (bridesmaid dress material, veil, tuxedo, etc.)
  • Cover is padded with soft batting, quality bridal satin, and lace around the outer edge.
  • Album interior is also padded and covered with a soft fleece material to maintain the outer elegance inside the book.
  • PVC protected sleeved sheets
  • Small or large sizes available
  • Each album is handmade
  • Must be ordered at least 4 weeks before your wedding.

Specialty Photo Album (Biker Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.) in Maumee, OH

The Perfect Needle will craft your memories into a unique memory scrapbook in Maumee, OH!

  • Cover is made from your favorite piece of clothing that you provide, or Mary will provide material.
  • Pages inside are PVC protected sheets.
  • Embellishments, badges, buttons and patches can be added.

Handmade Embroidery Specialty Items in Maumee, OH

  • Ball caps with names: Customer can provide a cap or purchase one from Mary. Your baseball cap embroidery in Maumee, OH can also include LED Lights.
  • Battenburg lace fingerless gloves: Customer can buy individually or buy a pair, any color, and The Perfect Needle can add embellishments or other types of décor.
  • Battenburg lace hats: Available in any color. Can be embellished or add other types of décor. Customizable for special events.
  • All-in-one changing station: Holds diapers and anything else you need to help change your baby on the spur of the moment, in one compact case. Customizable.

Contact the Perfect Needle to discuss any special occasion requests, themes, measurements and colors. We will customize the perfect item, then ship it to you at no additional cost. Call for pricing and specifics to get started on your order. Reach us today at 419-466-6897.